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Fix soft Animation Maker

Animate everything in Windows Forms even easier than WPF.Creating ImageAnimation, ColorAnimations, DobleAnimations and IntegerAnimations was never easier than now.With a line code,you can create Fade in animation,moves,resizes and … .This product is made for Windows Forms but it works on WPF,too.It supports changes of values when animation is playing.It means the animation macth itself with new value.

All animations support duration time (Miliseconds).

Fix soft Animation Maker supports non-public members.

How to use it:

1- Create an instance of Animation class:

Dim Ant As New Animation

2- Call methodes:

Ant.ColorAnimation(Me, "BackColor", Color.Red, 1500)
Ant.IntegerAnimation(Me, "Left", 400, 1000)
Ant.DoubleAnimation(Me, "Opacity", 1, 800)

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